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Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Sam and I'm the creator of High Fitness.

I spend most of my time Personal Training, I believe in a holistic approach to training, trying to make the body look and feel as healthy as possible.

In my own time you can usually find me in one of Wellington's awesome parks trying to improve my Calisthenics skills.

What is High Fitness?

High Fitness is a platform for helping as many people get fit, healthy & toned; essentially helping others become the best versions of themselves. It's important for us that High Fitness can be used by anyone, anywhere!

Tell us a little about your background.


Have you ever almost vomited in the gym?

I can vividly remember my first time going back to the gym. I was about to do my first set on a chest press machine, starting off nice and easy. I finished my first set and then BOOM! The room started to spin, my vision started fading to black, I felt extreme nausea. It's a miracle I didn't faint or vomit, but that was the start and finish of my workout. I couldn't go on.

This was the first time I had been back to the gym since my kidney transplant which had been about one year prior. This wasn't a one time thing either, anything faster than your average walk would set me off. As someone who loved being active before I was sick, it was completely demoralizing acknowledging how unfit & unhealthy I had become.

This experience is something that is going to directly help you - yes you, the person reading this article. "How the hell does this experience help me?" you might be thinking. I'll tell you in a second.

I'm a big believer that every obstacle we face gives us an opportunity to grow stronger. The bigger the obstacle, the bigger the opportunity.

As someone who had to start from ground zero, in fact from below ground zero, I've had to overcome nearly every obstacle along the way to get to where I am now. I definitely don't have gifted genetics or physique. 

What this means for you is:

  • My training/programs will work as well for you as they do for me - in fact most of my clients see better results than I have in my own training!
  • You will spend far less time fighting obstacles I've faced.

I can help you become the best version of yourself too.

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Happy to have my life back! Photo a few days after my kidney transplant

Happy to have my life back! Photo a few days after my kidney transplant

Sam High