Daily Core Workout: Day 1 | Palm Knee Pushes | Wellington Personal Training

Palm Knee Pushes. Push your palms into your knees and your knees into your palms as hard as you can! Squeeze your belly button down to your spine and lift your shoulders as far off the floor as you can.

➡️ Do 3 sets x 1 minute pushes ⬅️

Push as hard as you can, if you can't exaggerate the burning feeling to a 9/10 (10/10 being cramp) practice each day on enhancing your mind-muscle connection (proprioception) and increase that number over time.

Doing these daily core exercises will:
✔ Help reduce lower back pain
✔ Aid injury prevention
✔ Improve postural control of your spine
✔ Enhance neuromuscular efficiency throughout the body and neuromuscular control for efficient movement and physical positioning.
✔ Tighten and flatten your belly
✔ Make your abs more prominent

It's true your abs won't show without reducing a bit of body fat however, they also won't show if they aren't developed. We're working on building up the size of your abs.

If you want to become a Movement Pro or simply want some advice, please feel free to message me anytime, I'm always willing to help.