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Daily Core Workout: Day 11

Planks Around The World: Set up in a plank position. Lift your arm, arm, leg, and leg one at time off the floor. Do 10 one way and then 10 the other way.
➡️ Do 4 sets:
20 reps (10 one way and 10 the other)
30 seconds rest between sets ⬅️
Follow along each day to quickly build stronger more toned abs.

Save the video for a future workout 😊
Push as hard as you can, if you can't exaggerate the burning feeling to a 9/10 (10/10 being cramp) practice each day on enhancing your mind-muscle connection (proprioception) and increase that number over time.

Doing these daily core exercises will:
✔ Help reduce lower back pain
✔ Aid injury prevention
✔ Improve postural control of your spine
✔ Enhance neuromuscular efficiency throughout the body and neuromuscular control for efficient movement and physical positioning.
✔ Tighten and flatten your belly
✔ Make your abs more prominent

It's true your abs won't show without reducing a bit of body fat however, they also won't show if they aren't developed. We're working on building up the size of your abs.

If you want to become a Movement Pro or simply want some advice, please feel free to message me anytime, I'm always willing to help.