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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey, my name is Sam. I'm a Personal Trainer and owner of High Fitness.

What do you do?

I work with clients, helping them become the healthiest versions of themselves. I specialize in bodyweight strength & bodyweight mobility exercises.

In my spare time you can usually find me in one of Wellington's lovely parks practising Calisthenics.

Tell us about High Fitness.

High Fitness was created to help working professionals champion their bodies.

Having been in a 9-5 desk job I know all about the daily stresses that accumulate through your body. I also know how hazardous and toxic these stresses can be.

High Fitness provides a way for working professionals to make their body feel & look the best it ever has.

What are your three tips for fitness success?

  1. Have goals.
    If you're working out with no clear objective, your results are probably going to stand still. Give yourself something to work towards, you're much more likely to succeed.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone.
    Sometimes it's hard to know that your stuck in the comfort zone. If you're just going through the motions it's time for you to actually challenge yourself, you'll see far better results if you do.
  3. Train smarter.
    Just because you work hard, it doesn't mean you're going to succeed. You've got to work smart too! Knowing how to squeeze every last drop of effort out of your body is essential to fast and long lasting results.

What are your three favourite workouts you can do anywhere?

Hollow Rocks

Hollow Rocks are my favorite core exercise. If you want to build your core hard & fast, you can't beat these.

To perform a hollow rock you tuck yourself into a tight crunch position. Rear shoulders, feet & hands are hovering off the floor. We then proceed to rock on the flexion created in our lower back, holding the crunch or hollow shape throughout.

Pull Ups

If you can find some pull up bars, fantastic! But all you need for this exercise is a playground, some scaffolding, or anything you can pull yourself up on.

Think about pulling your chest to the bar as opposed to getting your chin over it. Make sure the movement is smooth and controlled (no bouncing off the shoulders). I also like to think of pulling my elbows down towards where your back pockets would be. This helps activate the right muscles in your back while keeping your shoulders safe & healthy.

Ring Muscle Ups

Gymnastic Rings are one of my favorite portable workout tools. You can hang them almost anywhere.

The Ring muscle up is my go to move. It's taken me awhile to learn this one but now that I've got it I don't want to lose it.

Many people suggest being able to do 10 full range of motion pull ups & dips before you are ready to try these.

First thing you need is a strong false grip, where your wrist is folded over top of the rings. This helps us through the transition from pull up  to dip.

Next we want to pull the rings to our chest. We're pulling ourselves up in almost a C shaped pattern, not straight up & down.

If you have enough strength, mobility & explosiveness you will land in the bottom of the dip position which you simply press out of.

This is an extremely quick overview of a muscle up, if you'd actually like to learn I'd be happy to explain it in greater detail in person.

If you can't do these exercises yet, don't worry! It took me awhile to get these too.

How can I contact you?


Email: sam@highfitness.co.nz
Instagram: @highfitness.nz
Facebook: @highfitness.nz
Website: highfitness.co.nz