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Burn Away Bodyfat
and Increase Your Energy Faster

Introducing an amazing new Wellington class that betters your body and allows you to become leaner faster.


Burn fat all weekend by taking this 60 minute class

Start your weekend smarter with low impact, high intensity, and functional exercises proven to give you up to 48 hours of fat burning effect.

This class trains Wellingtonians looking to energize their Saturday so that they can burn away troublesome fat, build toned muscle, and enjoy a guilt free weekend.

Low Impact + Excellent Technique + High Intensity


Get Fit Fast

Studies have shown that HIIT is about 9x more effective for fat loss than traditional distance cardio, not to mention it saves a lot of time.

Not only that but when done with an experienced personal trainer who uses evidence-based programs, clients achieved significantly greater results than those without a trainer. 

If all you're doing is breaking a sweat training by yourself, you're doing it the hard and slow way. To achieve quicker and easier results you need a trainer who uses well thought out exercises, planned properly into a workout.

Each workout you take in this class is built with the precise goal of helping you quickly reduce your total body fat and increase your lean muscle mass. You will achieve much faster results through this class compared to training by yourself.


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the best low impact
HIIT class in Wellington


Why should you train with me?

There are a lot of HIIT classes and workouts out there, so why should you choose my class? Technique!

Excellent Technique = Faster and Longer-lasting Results
Good Technique = Average Results
Bad Technique = Injuries and Slow or No Results

Most HIIT style workouts sacrifice exercise technique, leading to a lot of unwanted injuries. Being injured sends your results backwards instead of forwards.

All the exercises I use are picked not only to get you fit faster, but work to prevent future injuries. My aim is to help you look amazing and feel even better.


Wellington HIIT

Come and try the class, you will LOVE it 
Every Saturday Morning between 10am and 11am

  • Instantly boost your fat loss with smarter and safer exercises
  • BURN 9x more calories than traditional cardio
  • Get more out of each workout, become leaner, and build toned muscle while learning fun new movements
  • Low impact exercises putting far less stress on your joints
  • Join a likeminded group who are all working towards the same goals
  • Exercise anywhere and anytime with body-weight movements
  • Learn to train smarter instead of harder so you can achieve longer-lasting results

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