Full Body Fat Burner + Core

Lose fat, strengthen your core and enjoy whole body workouts. NEW programs each month.

This is by far the most popular service that I offer. Every 4 weeks you receive a brand new program, built specifically to help you achieve full body fat loss, toning, and core strengthening.

Why are these programs so popular? Each program comes with workouts you can do anywhere and anytime, no gym or equipment needed! You can also scale these workouts to all levels of fitness, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an athlete, you have total control over how hard you push yourself.

You will receive the highest quality online training available. Rich descriptions and videos are used to demonstrate exercises. There is also around the clock support available through the Facebook Group where I am available to answer questions, check your form, or provide support when needed.

Why should you choose my programs? Firstly it is 100% free to try, if you don’t love the workouts you can stop at any time. I’m backed by my qualification in Online Training and also currently rated as one of Wellingtons top personal trainers.

High Fitness Certified Online Trainer.png

If you were to have a program made in person it would cost $80 + an hour session to demonstrate the exercises ($80), a total of $160.

Delivering these programs online reduces the costs massively! Removing the necessity to book with me in person means I can cut the cost of this service significantly. $15 per month.