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Wellington, New Zealand based Movement Coach.

Using personal trainer best practices to help my clients get faster results is what I do for a living.

An experienced and successful personal trainer, Sam takes an evidence-based approach in coaching his clients. He specializes in working through frustrating limitations, such as painful movement, fat loss, and training plateaus, enabling his clients to ultimately achieve their goals.

“If you want to speed up your RESULTS or simply want some advice, please feel free to message me anytime, I'm always willing to help.”


Personal Training



One on one Personal Training

  • Personal Training - 60 minute session

  • Personal Training - 30 minute session

You will receive one to one personalized training to help you achieve your goal. Together we will find effective exercises you enjoy so that you achieve faster and longer-lasting results.

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Wellington HIIT

  • Group training - 60 minute session

This is a low impact, high intensity class that trains Wellingtonians looking to energize their Saturday so that they can burn away troublesome fat, build toned muscle, and enjoy a guilt free weekend.

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Full Body Workout


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