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Pull Ups

Get your first ever perfect pull up and improve until pull ups are easy.

Join an amazing new group training program, perfect for accelerating your results and breaking through pull up plateaus.


Become a
Pull Up Pro
in 12 Weeks

Online group training with workouts that get you to your goal faster.

Perfect Pull Ups trains strength, technique, and removes restrictions for anyone looking to get their first pull up.

Strength + Excellent Technique No Restrictions

Do Pull Ups Feel Impossible?

  • Do you feel stuck and unable to progress each week?

  • Are you even using the right muscles?

    Learn what it takes to confidently train your pull ups with correct technique, so that you progress as fast as possible.
    In 12 weeks time you will be educated with all the best workouts and exercises for your body to achieve a perfect pull up!


12 Week Online Group Training

$30 per week

Get your first PULL UP!

Accessible Anywhere

Perfect Pull Up Group Access

Personalized for your best results

This group only opens up 4 times a year. Each time only a handful of people are given access. I do this is so each new member receives top level personalized training.

If you can already do a perfect pull up this is not for you! However, If you cannot do a pull up yet, struggle with technique/strength, or get pain attempting pull ups then I want to help you.


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