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You can train smarter.

Training Efficiently
Faster/Long-lasting Results


12 Weeks

24 Hours one on one
training in a private studio.

My goal with this program is to give you the skills and confidence to train independently. 
You will become your own personal trainer.


Not Seeing The Results You Want?

Do you struggle with picking the right workout?
Are you feeling the right muscles working?
The most important part of this program is empowering you to train confidently, independently, and without error.
Once our 12 weeks are up you should feel fully capable working out to your body's true potential.

  • 2 x 60 minute sessions per week

  • A dynamic program, personalized for your best results

  • Effective, efficient and enjoyable exercises

  • Accountability, support and motivation

$75 per session
for a short time

Limited spots available


Your Training Effects Your Results.

Working out with bad technique, pain, or poor posture could be restricting you from achieving your best results.
Did you know the more efficiently you move the faster you progress? Efficient movement has also been linked to prolonged quality of life.
Through this program I will ensure you are able to unlock your body's full movement potential.


How it works


Free meet-up

This helps me build a clear picture of your goals, how we're going to achieve them, and where your body is currently at.


Personalizing your plan

You will receive an individualized plan towards achieving your goal. We'll refine this together, creating an optimal and enjoyable program.


Tools for success

This is the kick-start you need.
Using dynamic workouts to strengthen posture and increase movement ability, we move closer to your goals each week.



You've succeeded!
You now have the skills to be your own personal trainer.

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