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Calisthenics & Body-Weight Training


“I coach everyday people to achieve amazing calisthenic/body-weight movements.”

This training is perfect for people who are just getting started or people frustrated, stuck, and struggling to progress.  

Learn how to master skills such as:

pistol squats, pull ups, handstands, muscle ups, l-sits, handstand push ups, etc.

With these calisthenic exercises correct technique is essential to making progress!

Everyone faces slightly different obstacles in their training journey, it’s important to address these obstacles with attention to detail so that we can avoid injuries, plateaus, and wasting time.  


You Are Unique

Your programming should be too

While TONES of free content is available to teach the basic concepts of these movements, what’s missing from most of these one size fits all programs is the individualization needed to get you faster, safer, and smarter results.

 Training with me you will receive:

  • Personalized exercise’s specifically picked to help you overcome restrictions and quickly achieve your goals.

  • Constant form checks to boost confidence to train by independently.

  • Accountability, feedback, and support.

From Wellington? I offer personal training services to those located in the Wellington area.

Want to train any where, any time? There is also online training available to anyone wherever you are in the world.