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From Sickness To Success!


Hi, my name is Sam and I’m a Wellington based Online Coach and Personal Trainer.


“My passion is to help as many people overcome their limitations to achieve their heath and fitness goals.”

Health and fitness has massively improved my life. It has given me energy to burn, confidence in my body, and has made me stronger physically and mentally. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should have a health and fitness plan in their lives.


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Listen to my story of how I overcame chronic sickness to become the healthiest and happiest version of myself.

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I am a kidney failure survivor. The kidney failure occurred due to a rare condition in my family which had laid dormant for a couple of generations but appeared in me. My hero uncle donated a kidney for my life-saving transplant.



The darkest, most challenging time of my life. I had no control, completely dependent on dialysis and those caring for me, depressed and near death's door.

Mentally and physically I was at my limit! Any attempt at exercise would induce intense nausea, it just wasn't possible my body and mind were mush. There was nothing more I could have done.



A second chance. Upon waking from my surgery it was abundantly clear something was different. There was an immediate energy unlocked inside me, an unfamiliar energy, one I’m not sure I've ever felt. This was the best energy I could ever recall feeling.

Herein lies a problem, I was bursting at the seams with energy, my mind was ready to jump mountains, however, my body was beaten up and broken from the numerous surgeries and the months of crippling sickness. There wasn't a kg of muscle on me, to even walk was a struggle.

There was a feeling of entrapment, my mind was stuck in an unresponsive vessel. How I looked and moved was not reflective of my energy or intentions. I could feel my body's potential, a feeling of being capable of much much more.

This is where my drive for becoming the best version of myself was born. Everyone was happy with me getting back to a baseline and understandably so, but I sure as hell wasn't happy with baseline anymore, I was going to become the healthiest me I could be! Time to change, time to make my body look, feel, and move the best it ever had.



Complete & utter happiness. It wasn't easy, there were obstacles every step of the way, and I'm not done yet but I finally feel like I'm in control. I am no longer frustrated by the limitations of my body and have achieved things I would have never thought possible when I first started.

Not only that but I'm in control of my future growth, I've figured out what it takes to master the things I want my body to do. I'm also working my dream job, coaching others to unlock their bodies potential and become the best version they can be.

Starting from below ground zero, fighting through every obstacle known to man has actually gifted me an extremely useful asset. The gift of an extensive exercise library, built from the beginner most regressions to the more higher end complex progressions.

I have been through what a lot of other trainers haven't, especially those who have been fit their whole lives. I've been in the shoes of my clients, I can relate on a personal level to the struggles and obstacles that come along with transforming a broken body. I'm now equipped better than ever to share my knowledge of how best to break through these barriers, obtaining amazing results in an optimal and efficient training regime.


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